Kids should be taught from the very beginning on to have the right values and principles. With these two factors they will build character and this character will define their lives.

I was born to a typical Finnish working class family.

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Back to life


Every experience in our lives leaves their mark. It molds our character and sculptures us into the perfect person that we are supposed to be. After several years, I have been able to turn my limitations to advantages.

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Guess what my mother got as a birthday present on Friday January the 13th 1995? That was the day that an old bearded doctor had a meeting with my parents to give them the verdict. What a birthday present this was for my mother.  It was like winning the lotto in the opposite way. His diagnose was that I had a stroke in a small brain area in the back of my head, close to the neck area.

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Talking in silence


Imagine, being fully aware of all what is going on around you, but not being able to move or say anything! We all had those nightmares where something very scary is happening to us and we want to move away or yell out but we just cannot. Your limbs would just not move. Words do not come out no matter how hard you try. Well, been there, done that. I lived those nightmares as a reality, completely paralyzed as the world keeps on turning as if nothing happened.

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