The Locked-In Traveler: The search for accommodations


The Locked-In Traveler

(Wheelchair Traveling Journals)

The search for accommodations

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There are a few aspects to consider when looking for places to stay during a trip. Accessibility is number one on our list, of course. Some hotels promote themselves for being wheelchair friendly, but they are far from it. The elevators are too small, hallways and doorways are too narrow, or there are steps. All features that do not work for someone who cannot move at all.

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The Locked-In Traveler: Planning a trip


The Locked-In Traveler

(Kati’s Wheelchair Traveling Journals)

Planning a trip

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Back in 1997, people still went to a travel agent to book their trips. There already was internet, but it was not like nowadays that you could find or do anything by yourself on the web. They had brochures with the necessary information and lovely pictures of this and that. If after you looked at the folder and you still were not sure about something, you would have to make that long-distance call to find out.

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