Kids should be taught from the very beginning on to have the right values and principles. With these two factors they will build character and this character will define their lives.

I was born to a typical Finnish working class family.

We did not travel much abroad while I was growing up. Still I had an extremely nice childhood that left me with some everlasting memories. We were always together. Parents always had time for us and in every decision we made, “family came first” We would spend the summers on the lake sailing around on my father’s boat (Kati II). Days went fast by swimming and playing in the water. Unfortunately, also did those years.

As one of the values that our parents gave us was; to work for what you want and that to reach the sky requires hard work. Both my brother and I started working in our teens. I had a part-time job at a clothing store. When I was about to turn 16, I took a modeling course and started modeling in my city. Soon after I started doing nationwide modeling competitions gathering experience, and this took me to Italy.

It was in Italy that I experienced the harsh reality of the modeling world. Imagine ten castings a day running from the one to another to compete with hundreds of beautiful girls who are all there to get this one job. And that was every single day.

I was decisive though. I was going to make it in the modeling world. Immediately after finishing high school, I went to Los Angeles (California, U.S.A.) to battle with even more beautiful women in a much harder competitions.  

The modeling world is a very cold and harsh environment. There are those that always try to break your spirit.Their way to eliminate the competition. There are those that try to take the easy road by having sex with photographers or other influential people just to get ahead.

There were always parties, alcohol, drugs, but I always just stayed home. I was there to work, not to party. I was going to make it on my own, and just as things started to take some shape, it all came crashing down with an abrupt end. At the moment, it seemed like a disaster. Later I came to realize that destiny just had much bigger plans for me.

Living life at the fullest might give the illusion of grandeur. I love to look my best and be the best that I can be on every single second. It is just a reflection of my spirit. It is not about money (and God knows our incomes are below the average couple’s income since Henning still doesn´t have a steady job and obviously I cannot work). It is all about what you have inside and to share it with others. I strongly believe that from all the accessories I have, my smile is the greatest one. And being able to share it with everyone is my greatest gift.

 It seems that the world today is all about money and things, and to work as least as possible to get it all. I wish that there was a way for me to shake the world awake. Tell them; “It is not the house, it is the home.” “It is not a car; it is the drive.” “It is not the amount of friends you have on Facebook. It is the amount of people you are friends with in real life.”

I do not take anyone, anything, any kind of movement for granted anymore. I learned not to complain about little things anymore. Spending my days in a chair made me understand that I should enjoy the here, and now. Wear my best clothes today and say what I need to say, today!

I realized that worrying about anything beforehand does not help. I have learned that the mind is a powerful thing. Not depending on others is a HUGE thing in many ways. In one way, it will help you to be more self- reliable in which case it builds on to your character. And in another way it will help you appreciate people more which will build on to your values.

Comprehending this was a huge relief.

We all have our core values past to us from generation to generation. Principles give us guidelines to live by. Character will overcome all obstacles and set your place in this world.

Of course, having a bit of an attitude would not hurt. One of my attitude motto´s is; “these clipped wings are not going to stop this eagle from owning the sky.”



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  1. Kat Hawkins 25.10.2013 07:19

    As a parent, it’s easy to want to take care of your kids and always be there for them and to pick them up when they are down. That isn’t always the best thing to do though. We have to let them pick themselves up! They have to make mistakes so they learn and if they aren’t making mistakes, they aren’t learning! This Develops value and character in us! Life sometimes has a crude and mean way of doing this to us too but while we are falling down, it is hard to see how to get up again but once we are up again and then look back, it’s then you understand why it happened. Now you have been made stronger! Our trials in life are what form us as a person. It is then we can teach others that may not understand ! 🙂

  2. Sartenada 25.10.2013 13:28

    I found Your blog thru a newspaper published in Mikkeli, Finland. I find it very interesting. Congratulation! I encourage You to continue Your great blog, don’t give up. I live now in Mikkeli since 11 months and I have a photo blog presenting Finland, its landscapes, culture, art, hobbies etc.

    All the best to You.

  3. Reetta Hämäläinen 12.11.2013 14:54

    Hei Kati!Nyt näitä kommenttiani tulee jo kai liikaa, mutta en voi olle kommentoimatta olet päässyt elämän ytimeen ajatuksinesi. Kunpa nuo mielipiteet levittäytyisivät moniin sydämiin. Mutta kai tämä elämä kaikessa raadollisuudessaan vaatii uhrinsa ennekuin arvot menvät kohdilleen, niin kai se on myös minun kohdallani. Minun kouluttajiani ovat olleet lapseni.Ja heidän menetyksensä.Ihminen on tosi kovapäinen. Niin monet asiat ovat itsestään selvyyksiä,ja kuitenkaan mikään ei ole itsestäänselvyys.Voimia Sinulle arkeen. Terveisin Reetta Hämäläinen

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