The Locked-In Traveler: Road Trip


The Locked-In Traveler

(Kati’s Wheelchair Traveling Journals)

European Road Trip

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I cannot be spontaneous anymore. In my state, I cannot just to jump into a car and go unless it is a place very near. We must plan or at least think about where and when well, before picking up the keys. Major issues that we must consider are; timetables, assistants schedules, accessibility, and restrooms.

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The Locked-In Traveler: Grandfather´s house


The Locked-In Traveler

(Kati’s Wheelchair Traveling Journals)

Grandfather´s house

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Even though I am born in Finland, I never liked the cold at all. People here in Finland have a saying; “It is not cold; you are just not well dressed.” I have my own saying; “no matter how nice you color coat it, no matter how well you dress, it does not change the fact that it is freezing cold.”

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