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Cogain is an association that aims to promote research and development in the field of gaze-based interaction in computer-aided communication and control for the less-abled.

Special Effect creates systems to help the less-abled to use a computer and play video games.

Eye Gaze Games – web games that are playable with just your eyes using an eye gaze camera.

Sisulle ääni is an organization that promotes communication systems for the ones that cannot communicate verbally.

Massiraa Inclusive is a modeling agency that promotes less-abled models.

Brain Injury Radio is a podcast for head trauma survivors.

Strokefocus is a website where stroke survivors can come together.

Acapela creates personalized digital voice experiences.

Terry Smith is a post-TBI survivor and Award-Winning author of the book, Surviving Head Trauma. 

Kate Allatt is a motivational speaker that empowers stroke survivors.

Emilia Lahti is a researcher, Public Speaker, and Social Activist, and expert on the Finnish phenomena “Sisu.”

Goldcrest Books is a publishing agency that helps to publish and to promote books. 

Costa Women Free Community for Women living in, or planning on moving to Spain. 

Costa Women TV, a platform where women who make it happen come together.

Locked in Trust helping people with locked-in syndrome to live their best possible lives.




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