The Locked-In Traveler: Long Flights


The Locked-In Traveler

(Kati’s Wheelchair Traveling Journals)

Long Flights

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Sitting all day long is not as easy as one might think. Especially for someone that can only sit in only one position. My inability to move makes me such a person. No matter where I sit being it; the wheelchair, on the bed, a standard chair, or airplane seat, I am always in the same position.

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The Locked-In Traveler: From wheels to wings


The Locked-In Traveler

(Kati’s Wheelchair Traveling Journals)

From wheels to wings

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The most stressful part of a trip (without a doubt) is the flying. Whether it is excitement or anxiety, it can make some neurotic.

People traveling with a wheelchair can check in online but still must go to the counter. The type of assistance you need must be confirmed, and the wheelchair must get its baggage label. Btw, you do not have to pay extra luggage for your wheelchair.

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