The art of healing


Often people refer to me as I am sick (Henning hates this) but I am not sick. I don`t take any medications or whatever. What I have is a condition. Just like my brain, my muscles also work, and they need weekly therapies to keep them fit.

I go to pool therapy twice a week, and I have physiotherapy at home also twice a week. One of the physiotherapists is standing therapy, and that is to strengthen my bones and for hundred other good reasons like blood circulation. I should do the standing therapy more often, but I don’t drink nor smoke so I forgive myself for not taking therapy more often enough.

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Laughter is the best medicine


In the summer of 2007, I went for a week trip to Barcelona. Just my assistant and I. The trip did not start off that well, my wheelchair stayed behind in Holland when we stopped there from Helsinki to take a connecting flight to Barcelona. I had a rental apartment right on the famous the ‘Las Ramblas Boulevard’. Our apartment was in 3rd level but should not be a problem because they have an elevator. Little did I know that the elevator was so small that I could barely fit in.

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