Expressing, thoughts and emotions II


Being able to communicate again felt SO amazing.

One thing about spelling though, it goes slower, and it requires some patience. To make it go faster, you skip the part of being polite, and you certainly cut through the chase. I know I sometimes sound extremely rude one of the reasons being that there are no different tones in spelling.

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Expressing, thoughts and emotions I


Imagine yourself having a nightmare were you are tied up in a straitjacket, being locked down in a glass box and thrown into a pool. You can see everybody standing there around the pool looking at you sinking. You are going down, and you are trying to yell aloud, but the words just will not come out.

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Happy, my pet, my companion, my angel


It is incredible how the spirit of aa animal can crawl itself into one’s heart without you even noticing it. A dog accepts you just the way you are, they do not judge or hold a grudge. ‘Happy’ is more than just a pet, much more than just a dog. She has become part of me. It feels like saying that she is my best friend would be an understatement. In fact, the only way to define her is to call her an ‘angel’ because that is what she is, a soul made purely out of love.

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