Partners for life, two people to be as one. A venture to create and be part of what is the most sacred to us humans, a Family.

Relationships require love and passion, but that is just the first level. For it to get stronger and go further it requires a certain kind of friendship, patience, understanding and commitment. To make a promise that should last a lifetime, getting married and starting a family, we need to understand that a relationship is an unselfish balancing act.

This act is most of the time a fifty/fifty balancing act. It is an agreeable balancing act that sometimes can be sixty/forty and other times twenty/eighty.

Marriage requires; love, passion, friendship, patience, understanding, commitment and sharing (giving, but also taking) all of these without an exact measurement. The right balance for a good marriage can be reached by acknowledging each person’s stronger attributes and recognizing each person’s weaker characteristics.

Marriage is a house that you build, brick by brick. It is hard work, and that is when both partners are healthy and able to give their best, hundred percent. When this is not the case, the balancing act of marriage takes a whole different level, sometimes hundred percent /zero. Perspectives of normal do not apply in a relationship where one of the partners cannot give hundred percent. Such marriage (relationship) can be just as wonderful as any other marriage. The requirements, love, passion, etc. will have to be adapted, what is the big deal about that? One of the greatest virtues of humankind is its ability to adapt.

Our household is just like any other, in the sense that it is a balancing act. Two people who are sharing their lives as one.

Henning learned to know me as I am. Not just my qualities, but also as I am paralyzed. Our relationship was never based on false hopes. It was based on the reality of it, and he accepted me like that. I had relationships before, but the other men could not commit to the fact that the relationship would be in some ways just one sided (I do not blame them for this, I totally understand).

Pictures can be deceiving. A situation, that may seem so hard and horrible, may not be so. A prove of this is that even though I am not able to speak anymore Henning and I still have more dialogues than most couples I know. There are no communication bumps as might expect.

I guess that that is the greatest attribute to our relationship, COMMUNICATION! As long as two people can talk about everything openly with no reservations any relationship can withstand any tragedy. SHARING, not just bed and table, but most importantly thoughts and emotions. That is our secret.

I am sure that when you fell in love for the first time you thought that love was this beautiful and immense thing ever, and that was just puppy love. If you could be in my place, in my situation and still share love, you would know that love is like the universe itself, INFINITE!


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