No one knows when exactly it started. When the ancient human beings started to communicate on a higher level than other animals. We do know that they painted on cave walls. From these, we can gather that they wanted to pass on their knowledge and experiences to the next generation and other generations to come. This primitive man that could not have the wildest idea on how humans would progress already knew then the importance of communicating and sharing.

Thousands of years later, we have the technology to share everything. We use this technology to share the silliest and meaningless things. A lot of us fail miserably in sharing the important things with our loved ones or others that are in desperate need of assistance with life.

Fear of being judged, pride, shame and who knows what other reasons make it easier to hide one’s emotions and thoughts inside themselves. People who do this do not realize how much of the greater things in life they are missing. The joy and the freedom.

The person I used to be before the stroke was not the kind of person that would just share her emotions. I was outspoken and I was not shy to give anybody a piece of my mind. Still when it came to my feelings that was another story.

The person I am today is somehow different. I am still outspoken, and I am not shy to share my opinion. I may not be a waterfall that pours down her emotions on everyone. I have learned that letting my emotions out at moments when it counts is not just for me but also for my relationships with my loved ones. As well as to people who may be going through similar situations.

After the stroke and rehab, the only I could do all by myself was to use a computer (it still is the only thing I can do). I would sit daily hours on end in front of the computer. I would write emails and letters to my friends. It made life a bit more bearable. For the rest of the time spent in front of the computer I was keeping a diary of what has and what was happening to me.

I will not deny it; I was very depressed at that moment. I felt worthless and as if, my life was meaningless. I did not notice it at that moment, but a little miracle was forming itself with every word that typed up. Writing down my memories served as an emotional and mental therapy to me.

Sharing my thoughts was still the furthest of my mind. It was just about getting my peace of mind. I must confess that I did not have the smallest idea of what the meaning of ‘sharing’ was at that moment. I would learn the meaning and the importance of sharing later on.

After that, my story went public and I started to get feedback from strangers. People would write to me from all around the world telling me their life stories. Others would say how inspiring my story was to them and what effect it has had on their lives. It was at that moment that I understood how important sharing was.

The ultimate prove of the power of sharing came to me almost to the date twenty years after the stroke. It was the birthday of a family member. The whole family was there. Just a day before I published a blog telling the occurrences of that dreadful day that I got the stroke. Everyone had read the blog by then and at a certain moment, we all went down memory lane to those days.

We never before talked about those days. It was like taboo. Everyone was telling part of their story – what they remembered and what touched them the most. It was incredible; there was no bitterness in the room. Every soul seemed to be finally at peace with what had happened. Even my father joined the conversation and told his part. He was the most bitter of us all; he would only talk about what happened when he was drunk. He would only share anger and bitterness with strangers while intoxicated. However not on that day. His heart was cured.

Sharing your story helps others to understand theirs. My experiences are useful if I share them with others, so are everyone else’s. In addition, there is no other feeling that can be compared to the feeling of sharing.

Remember; happiness does not come from having things but of sharing them.


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  1. Armi Kuosa-Backman 29.01.2016 12:01

    Tärkeää on muistaa elää tässä hetkessä. Huomisesta ei koskaan tiedä, mitä se tuo tullessaan.

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