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One of the therapies that were recommended to me to do was horseback riding therapy. You can imagine the first thought that crosses my mind; “how can horseback riding help a completely paralyzed woman?” By the way; “how the **** am I going to ride a horse?”

The therapy was not about gaining health or anything fancy. The thought of the therapy is to re-teach the body to keep its balance. Just like muscles in our feet keeps, us balanced while we are standing. In the same way, some muscles in our upper body keep us straight while we are sitting.

You could notice how the body adapted to the horse´s movements and started to correct itself without the need of a command from my brain to do so. In the beginning, I had to have one person on both sides of the horse to keep me on it. Later on I only needed one person on one side there just for security.

I had my doubts about the therapy if it would do anything except scaring the hell out of me each time they put me on the horses back. It did wonders for my balancing. I could not sit straight for a long period before that.

That therapy in particular taught me something very important about life that we seem to forget every time we are caught up in something. Life is about balance. The world itself and nature is about balancing things out and living is no exception.

Nothing in nature is either good or bad; it is in how we use or abuse it makes it so. Yin Yang life should be balanced and things should be done with moderations.

We humans have this great quality to push the limits and reaching for the stars. We also have the tendency to take things to such an extreme that we become blinded to its possible negative effects. We forget nature’s important lesson about balancing.

Not too much, not too little – trying to keep the best possible equation. Not just with what we consume. It also counts in how we spend all that we possess such as our time, energy and earnings.A right equilibrium will keep standing up straight through the misfortunes of life. The muscles in our bodies know this; it is time for our minds to catch up.

Another lesson I learned while I was galloping was; that no therapy as small and useless as it may seem should not be underestimated or disregarded. We have such little knowledge and understanding of all the abilities of our bodies. It can surprise you if given a chance.

There can always be a lesson to be learned even in the smallest thing. The tiniest thing can make a huge difference in a life. When faced with an option, do not just consider what I have to gain.Also, consider what I have to lose.

I bet you that after you do this you will realize that the worst possible outcome will be that you gain experience, and you lose ignorance. That is not bad at all, I say go for it.


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  1. tiina salonen 27.11.2015 12:46

    Aika osuvia sanoja Kati. ?

  2. pcbs 26.01.2016 11:41

    Congratulations for the courage and self-denial … Keep it up 🙂

  3. Aaron Avila 12.07.2016 15:50


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