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It feels like everything that has happened in my life was guiding me down a path of which the end destination was Henning.

I love more than a million things about him. Actually, once I gave him a present a small chest with hundred notes, each saying a reason why I love him.

I am very lucky to have a man who loves me without restrictions and accepts me just the way I am. Not just the being paralyzed side; also the stubborn and sarcastic me. This is so unbelievable in so many ways (you can only imagine how many ways). He is proud to have me as his wife just as much as I am of having him as my husband.

I remember one day in rehab (a few months after the stroke). I was out walking with parents when I saw this couple walking by hand in hand and I remember thinking that will I ever again hold someone´s hand. Just to show how much one can know about their future. It took some years of healing before I learned to love myself again. Then some more years before I could love another person. Then again some more, but now I have someone that holds my hand.

Before we moved in together, the thought that someone would know EVERYTHING about me was a bit scary, but now it actually has become a good feeling. To have someone who still loves you although he knows your every little annoying habit. Loves you although you do not look your best every single second. Knowing that that someone stays with you no matter what. I have lived with men before but somehow this is different.

He has calmed me down so much! I am like a different person now. When he sees that I am about to lose it with girls he comes and clears that situation. It is unbelievable really, how much a presence of a man brings to an all women situation.

He always thinks of me first in everything. I cannot stop wondering how I got hassomeone so handsome and sweet when he really could get anyone he wants! I guess someone up there thinks that I finally deserve some real happiness.

What I love the most in our relationship are our hour’s long conversations. We spend so much time talking that a week can go without opening television. In addition, how much we laugh daily together. Sharing same kind of crazy sense of humor is very important. At least to me.

Even our soaps like each other .His blue shower gel and mine peach lie on each other in the shower rack! Even the names are so perfect .Thermal therapy and Fruity explosion :))) Henkka says that I am little fruity from the head (he can be so kind… “A LITTLE fruity”) I must confess, I am like a little devil and when I am, he sings this song to me: “you look like heaven but you put me through hell”

It is not living with the similarities that makes a relationship; it is whether you can live with the differences. I love Henning not just because who he is, but also because of who I am when I´m with him. I could not imagine a life without him. Still I´m glad we did not meet earlier, we both got to experience life, learn from our mistakes and matured. We met each other at the right moment. Making it that now, we can share our lives and be very happy together. Not longing after an unlived life.


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  1. Päivi 12.02.2015 22:40

    Aina kun luen sun blogia, mielessäni halaan sua. <3

  2. saara 13.02.2015 08:50

    <3 Kirjoituksesi sai kylmät väreet menemään selkää pitkin (hyvällä tavalla 🙂 ISO HALAUS <3

  3. leena jokiniemi 13.02.2015 11:43
  4. leena jokiniemi 13.02.2015 11:44


  5. Eeva-Liisa Nyqvist 13.02.2015 14:10

    Ihana kirjoitus, jälleen kerran! Mutta kyllä on selvästi ollut Henkallakin onnea rakkaudessa… Ihanaa ystävänpäivää teille!

  6. Merja Saalasti 13.02.2015 14:26

    Ihana rakkaustarina! Se jatkukoon ikuisesti. Mukavaa ystävänpäivää teille! Toivottaa Merja

  7. Armi Kuosa-Backman 13.02.2015 15:31

    Hyvää ystävänpäivää sinulle Kati! Kiitos kivasta blogistasi.

  8. Päivi 13.02.2015 20:29

    Upeaa Kati!

  9. Marjo 14.02.2015 00:13

    Mahtavaa että olet löytänyt sielunkumppanin, kaikilla meillä ei ole sen suhteen yhtä hyvä tuuri <3

  10. Tuula Kangas 15.02.2015 19:54

    Hei Kati. Aivan ihana kirjoitus sinulta, ja olen todella onnellinen puolestasi, kun osaat olla niin tyytyväinen kaikesta siitä mitä sinulla on!

  11. Rita Enakimio 17.02.2015 04:30

    Moi Kati täältäkin kautta!
    Yön hiljaisina tunteina lueskelen blogejasi, kun Nukku-Masa on jäänyt naapurille yökylään.
    Onnesi olet ansainnut ja onnellinen saa olla myös Henkka, kun sinut löysi. On totta,että on pelottavaa,että joku tuntee sinut (minut) läpikotaisin, niin pelottavaa, että en ole enää uskaltanut kohdata ketään moniin vuosiin…hahaaa 8 vuoteen 🙂
    Muistan vuosia sitten kun tavattiin kotonasi, osasit kiukutellakkin, vaikka minua se kyllä nauratti- enhän ollut kiukuttelun kohteena, vaan se oli äitisi sillä kertaa 🙂 Jatka kirjoittamista. T:Rita

  12. Elli 03.03.2015 17:07

    Ihana kirjoitus Kati, kiitos =) Tuli niin hyvä mieli teidän onnesta <3

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