117. Attitude


Optimism is the key to open yourself up to all the better things in life. Positivism is the key to making all your dreams come true. Always be naively optimistic and always have contagiously positive attitude.

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116. Husband & Wife


”To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and to it, I plight thee my troth.”

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115. Who is Kati?


If you were to have a view of your entire life, every single element, even the littlest of details, what would you see?

Would you say that it all was predestined? Random acts. Cause and effect?

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114. Happiness


We humans like to torture ourselves. So much that one of the main pillars of religions is self-torture. We hold on to senseless rules which only tortures us. We hold on, just cannot let go of customs that only hurts the ones around us and us. We torture ourselves while we are supposedly in search for happiness.

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113. Belittling


I did not think much about how life was going to be like before moving to Finland. Kati and I are highly compatible; our communication lines are wide open. Intellectually we are in harmony and so is our sense of humor. We have a very similar attitude towards life, and it did not matter that she was paralyzed.

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112. Never give in


We are humans, we get tired, and we all need to rest from time to time. Even a woman that does nothing (cannot move) at all gets tired. Occasionally I do not feel like getting out of bed; I need a lazy day in bed just watching television. Now and then I rather am motionless in bed than be motionless in the wheelchair.

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111. A Poem



The stunning of bells echoes hypnotizing all through the night.

They play to all people

To all people in the world

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110. First Steps


When starting of new projects I only have an idea that is created by my imagination. My positive attitude adds passion and excitement to the mixture. This becomes the birth of a project.

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109. Food for thought 2


Food for thought; what do you think? Would we be able to get peace on earth and heal the planet if we humans would learn to communicate with each other better? …

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108. Food for thought 1


It may not be clear to everyone; however, after any tragic event (accident, diagnosis of malicious sickness or a stroke in my case) everything changes. Not just the obvious, but even details you never thought about before. The smallest element can change a whole scenario. The tiniest incident can cause a domino effect that can turn everything around.

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