Lessons of Life (our experiences)


‘For me happiness is love, not just receiving it but also being able to give it, to share it,’ she says. (Not just with her husband, Henning, but also with her dog, named Happy.)  ‘Secondly, she says of happiness, ‘I would say it’s having a purpose in life and making a difference in other people’s lives’ as little as it may be.’

It is strange to see your own words printed out in a book.

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My Daily Reminder


Acknowledge, Contemplate & be Grateful

I could have died on that awful evening; I did not. I was blessed with a higher purpose in life. The meaning of life is; to turn a negative into positive. My destiny is to show others this and to lead the way.

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Learn to live underwater


How a woman that cannot move at all showed me the meaning of real happiness.

As a young child, I would spend a lot of time with my grandfather. My grandfather was not tall nor large built muscular man. He was quite short (160cm tall) and had an average body. However, not even the most muscular types would not dare to stand up to him. He was a correct, upright and righteous man who everyone respected. He was my role model, the kind of man I wanted to become when I grew up.

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To the contrary, of what many in our society think, that disabled people cannot do anything by or for himself or herself. They comprehend that a person should just sit in a corner and wait until others have time to do something with them and then go back to their corner. Well as a person that cannot move, the more is that I want to do something, improve my quality of life, help others and make a difference.

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Only YOU can define who YOU are


For the ones who do not know, there is a chart which defines how disabled you are. Starting off from unable to walk up to cannot do anything by themselves.

Two years after I was paralyzed I attended a conference for the disabled. The first thing that caught my attention was the arrangement of the seating.

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Miss Wheelchair World – The Journey


If you look at Kati, you will see a beautiful incapacitated woman in a wheelchair.  If you get to know Kati, you will see an untamed spirit, a fearless soul, a source of authentic positive energy. Kati is the pure essence of what makes humans transcend into eternity. She travels through life along a unique and profound path, and as her husband, I get a free ride.

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Kati’s stroke focus (13)


Locked-in syndrome; my stroke aftermath  

My mom did not take English in school. She only knew a few basic words, and that was it. After the stroke, she had to learn the hard way. Friends that made calls all over the world to ask about me. They would speak English of course, and she had to; not just understand but also answer in English.

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Kati’s stroke focus (12)


Locked-in syndrome; my stroke aftermath

The computer comes in very handy; I can be myself and express myself through my own words. I can keep contact with my family and friends. I can be in contact with the world and even make new friends. I can use it to keep a diary and start writing a book about my life.

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Kati’s stroke focus (11)


Locked-in syndrome; my stroke aftermath

One of the best things at the rehab was; the introduction to a computer, which I could use even though, I am not able to move my hands or fingers.

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Kati’s stroke focus (10)


Locked-in syndrome; my stroke aftermath

Funny thing: the psychotherapist at the rehab said that I do not seem to need any help. We are handling the situation quite well. I guess that there is a benefit to my father’s sarcasm. It creates black humor, which in turn becomes a valuable tool when it comes to surviving dark times. I was not too happy about it though because my therapist had already become more of a good friend and I would miss our talks.

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