New book

I am with the help of a co-writer (Sarah Tun) writing a new more detailed book (to be published in English and Finnish) about my life all that I went through. This new book is meant to take a deeper journey into my saga giving a proper conception of what kind of person I am.

Of course, it would also touch extensively the human part of the tale like; what it was like for family, friends, and everyone involved. For an occurrence like this does not just affect the person involved, it affects all who surrounds this person.

The object of this book is not just to tell a story. Its aim is also to encourage, not just the people who are in a difficult situation, but also anyone who is close to somebody going through a certain kind of situation.

It will be about hope, faith, and perseverance and about how one continues living when they are not even able to move a single finger.

The book will be called; “Living Underwater”




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