In the blink of an eye

-Story of Kati

It was winter in 1998.

“What do you know about locked- in syndrome,” the managing editor asked me. “Sorry what?”

He had a yellow post-it paper in his hand. “Käpylän rehabilitation center called and offered an interesting -sounding story. A young photo model is sick with some terrible disease and is no longer able to speak or move. It could be a touching story.”

Ingredients sounded good: young beautiful woman with an unknown illness, a tragic fate. We decided to do a story, even though that the magazine is not about scandals. It seemed a good subject, as well as serious human interest story.

I called a speech therapistSinikka Söderholmille at Käpylän rehabilitation center. He knew the patient well, but of course, wanted to ask permission before discussing the subject with us. He also knew a lot about locked- in syndrome and had recently released some research reports about it.

It was indeed a rare and unfortunate coincidence of a young woman’s life, a brain stem infarct. Has destroyed the woman’s ability to move and speak, even though her mind works the way as before.

‘Sinikka’ described the hurtful Kati Lepisto as a girl named destiny:

“She feels and thinks like any other, but is unable to express herself through talking.”

– Kati Lepistö & Leeni Peltonen


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