Living Underwater

-Story of Kati

It was winter in 1995.

“What do you know about the locked-in syndrome.” 

A young photo model is sick with some terrible disease and is no longer able to speak or move. 

A human story that is to the interest of all.

It was indeed a rare and unfortunate coincidence of a young woman’s life, a brain stem infarct. Has destroyed the woman’s ability to move and speak, even though her mind works the way as before.

“She feels and thinks like any other, but is unable to express herself through talking and cannot do anything by herself.”

A book of laughter, love, hope, and happiness in the face of extreme adversity. It will lift your spirits and guide you to overcome your own difficulties and live your best-ever life.



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    20180816_100147 20190820_145225 image17 Kati van der Hoeven