The Locked-In Traveler: Travel companion


The Locked-In Traveler

(Kati’s Wheelchair Traveling Journals)

Travel companion

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“The value of family and real friends” that is one of the first lessons you learn after a tragedy. After the stroke, I got to see what my parents are made of; “my father a steady captain, my mother a sturdy lioness.” They never gave up on me. Despite all advice from the doctors, they took me in and took care of me a twenty-year-old baby who could not do anything for herself. 

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The Locked-In Traveler; Where to now?


The Locked-In Traveler (Wheelchair Traveling Journals)

Where to now?

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My first trip in a wheelchair was two years after the stroke. The Doctors and therapists at the rehab recommended us to take a trip outside of the country. They thought that it would be a good idea because it would be getting my mind off the situation and help with the depression.

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