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This blog is dedicated to my best friend, Irina. After I had the stroke and was diagnosed with Locked-in syndrome, Irina moved back home to be close to me. She came every day by, she was there for me through my darkest hours and helped me out of depression. Irina knows what it means to be a friend. She is my “bosom buddy.”

We are neglecting our humanity.

Organizations and corporations, governing, social, and cultural institutes are all made by humans. However, when making systems and rules, they hardly consider the human part of it.

Many of our leaders such as politicians, CEO’s, directors, etc. only focus on the financial, scientific, technological and practical parts of the matters. However, the human element is too often disregarded or maybe even completely forgotten.

I also, see this in care. Caregivers, social workers, nurses, and doctors are focused on following the scientific protocol. They are being professionally unattached, doing what they were taught, and are good at what they are doing. But they only see a patient, not a person. It makes you think sometimes; “are they human or a well-designed robot.”

It would be a good idea to have a person in charge of assisting the patient with the emotional side. A person that is not afraid of getting too attached or only focuses on filling some boxes on rapport, but one who is there to help with the inner healing. I call it; “bosom buddy.”

Are we really progressing if on the way we forget how to be human? What sense is to be alive if you are not going to be human. What sense is there to have everything if you do not feel anything? You breathe, but you do not share emotions with others. If you only follow the media and talk about celebrities, are you really living?

Jumping on the bandwagon and taking a ride along is easy. It gives a sense of belonging and maybe even a false sense of safety and security. Our young ones are very vulnerable to this phenomenon, especially if they do not have a person in their lives who they can talk too. Someone to share things with.

A bosom buddy can help someone like this to enjoy their lives still and maybe even more, to live a meaningful life. The fact remains that there yet a big hole in our society that needs to be filled, and it cannot be filled by technology. It is a job that only another human can do.

The fact is that even adults of any age or status use a bosom buddy. Someone to remind us of the beauty that surrounds us and turns our face to the wonders of life when our eyes are locked on a digital screen.

The modern humans have a new trend they are obsessed with catching moments in a picture. And, we tend to forget that a moment is felt and there is no way to save those feelings on the phone.

Feelings can only be kept saved and protected in one’s heart, and the only way record it into our hearts is by living and experiencing the moment to the maximum, and you cannot do this if you are looking on the screen of a tiny device.

I was doing a charity fashion show where there were abled and less-abled models. While in the dressing room one of the wheelchair models was asking how we should be on stage. Henning who was watching the abled models practicing just before that said; that they looked so unemotional and boring. He recommended us just to be ourselves, and smile show some emotions, bring so humanity to the show.

I forgot what he said when I was on the stage. I wish I did not. Everything was great and colorful and designed beautifully, but there was just a little bit of human beauty, and that was a pity.

Regard, appreciate, and praise every moment of your life don’t lose it by worrying about taking a picture (I also tend to do this sometimes.) Regard, appreciate and praise others, animals and plants, time, places and feelings. Do not let your phone steal these beautiful blessings from you.

If you want to make a difference. Improve lives. Change the world. Make the planet a more exquisite place. Create a better future for all. Be a bosom buddy and together we can start saving humanity one soul at the time.


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  2. Sophie 26.01.2019 03:34

    You spoke what I feel in my heart. I’m trying to live my life to the fullest. It’s challenging at times but we all make choices, hopefully to benefit oneself as well as others including animals & plants. Thank you Kati from the bottom of my heart. You seldom write yet each post is so heartfelt.

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