No one knows when exactly it started. When the ancient human beings started to communicate on a higher level than other animals. We do know that they painted on cave walls. From these, we can gather that they wanted to pass on their knowledge and experiences to the next generation and other generations to come. This primitive man that could not have the wildest idea on how humans would progress already knew then the importance of communicating and sharing.

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The morning after


Slowly I open my eyes. It´s the beginning of January but still eyes hurt from that light coming in from the window (I had been sleeping for a week straight; no wonder eyes are not used to the light). The first thoughts that cross my mind: “WHERE AM I? WHAT HAS HAPPENED?” This room is not mine. Big white room and machines all over. Memories come rushing in like an avalanche. Nausea, fainting, health center and night at the hospital, tests being done, it all feels like impossible yet it happened.

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