A little victory


I was in Helsinki Friday the 16th (January, 2015) for a photo-shoot. The shoot was for a big 2015 campaign here in Finland (details will be posted later on). At the end of the shoot my dear husband Henning said some words to me that brought tears to my eyes. I would like to share these words with you.

“A little victory can have a huge impact. You are back on the block. Twenty years is what it took for life to go it’s full circle. Today you are back in the beginning, and you are a model again. At this moment, with this shoot that may seem like just a little victory, you may have done most likely a world’s first. I cannot say for sure, but I think that you probably are the first COMPLETELY PARALYZED MODEL.”

“Your life is going to have a big impact on other people’s life. For you are not a modelling a piece of clothing or accessories that they will wear for a period in their life. You are a modelling a great example of how to live a wonderful life in spite of the worst obstacles a person can encounter. You are not modelling a piece of summer fashion for women. You are modeling an attitude towards life that every human, men and woman, old and young can use to make their lives better. I am proud of you”.

Sniff, sniff!

I want to thank all the people that were there for me and their support. THANK YOU! Emilia Lahti for this opportunity, it is deeply appreciated. A THANK YOU! To all my assistants present and past, thank you for taking care of me, you should know that you were more than just an assistant to me, I consider you dear friends. A huge THANK YOU! To all those friends that stood there with thru thick and thin (you know who you are). You were a big support to me, and I love you all dearly. Another big THANKS! To my family. Thank you for being there for me and never letting me down. LOVE YOU! A special THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! To a true lioness, a great woman indeed, my MOTHER! She is an archangel. She pulled me out from swallowing seas, she pushed through devastating hurricanes. She fought all my battles for me when I could raise my hands no more, and won them all. Thank you mom, there are no words to describe my appreciation and my love for you. Last but not least a very special THANKS! To an incredible man, my husband. You came into my life and made not just one of my dreams to become true, but all of my dreams to come true. I never could have done it without you. LOVE YOU! Sooooooooooooooooo very much. More than you will ever know.


Kati (van der Hoeven) Lepisto, Mikkeli, Finland

More than just a model, an inspirational model.

(Professional model since 1990)

Email address: lepisto.kati@gmail.com

Webpage: katilepisto.fi/en


Suomi: Kati Lepistö

English: Kati, an inspirational model

Español: Kati, una modelo inspiradora

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  1. Outi 26.01.2015 19:03


  2. leena jokiniemi 26.01.2015 21:01

    Sanoin en voi kuvata sitä onnen tunnetta miltä tuntuu lukea tätä kirjoitustasi ❤

  3. Merja Saalasti 26.01.2015 23:17

    Hienoa Kati! Ihanaa, kun olet Sinä!

  4. Renny Harlin 27.01.2015 07:59

    Dear Kati,

    You are incredible. Thank you for your words of wisdom and love.
    You lead by example, and give all of us strength to carry on every day. I’m sending you positive energy and inspiration from Beijing, China.

    Your friend and admirer,


  5. Tiina Lähdevuori 27.01.2015 11:29

    Kati. Kiitos onnen kyyneleistä,iloitsen puolestasi <3
    Kiitos kaikista viisaista ja rohkaisevista kirjoituksistasi.

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