Ships passing by… prt2


Another cruiser to reach my shores was J. I met J. just before finishing high school. We dated intensively for a month, but then I put an end to it because I felt like I could fall for this guy, and that was just out of the question. All my life I had dreamt about moving abroad and pursuing my modeling career and I was not about to let this one guy ruin my plans.

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Ships passing by… 1


You can’t love someone else without truly loving yourself first.

I was 14 years old when I had my first “BOYFRIEND”. What kind of relationship can you have at that age? After two weeks, I thought to myself, “I do not have time for this” so I broke it off and went back to favorite hobby at the time; dancing.

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Immobility, Sensibility, Ability


Paralyzed! When people hear the word paralyzed, they commonly assume that you cannot move your legs and that you don´t feel them either. In other words, muscles are dead, and you cannot move them or feel them. But there are many different definitions of being paralyzed. Every single case is different.

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